Couch to 5K

Getting back on my feet

well after being out of action for the last 12 days I think that tomorrow I am ready to lace up again and attempt a very slow 36 mins, hopefully a 5k too, but doubtful in this heat.

Hopefully the shins will hold out if I go careful, if not it will just turn out to be a nice walk anyway.

Good Luck to me and Happy Running to everyone else.

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great tags..and good luck tomorrow


Yes i didnt even know i put them on .... think this site now adds stuff without you knowing,

I'm usually quite good with new stuff, but why is it that my mind is now completely blown

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So how did it go? Hope your shins didn't give you any bother!


yes - it really did go well in the end - just posted up a new blog about it - a bit of a run of firsts, so kind of felt like I was starting over again, but this time knew what to expect.

And they behaved themselves alright thankyou


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