Couch to 5K

I have been very selfish

And got some proper running kit :-)

Ok, so we've postponed having the dog spayed so I could afford it (partner happy - he doesn't really agree with spaying cos of the removing ovaries).

I've been selfish because I had to take a break from running due to knee pain and twinges of heel pain. Not running has left me feeling antsy, but I didn't want to risk a proper injury.....

So I went and got some proper kit. Now I'm wearing my lovely new trainers round the house to break them in and I'm REALLY looking forward to resuming running tomorrow.

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I am so pleased for you- you so deserve those lovely new shoes...enjoy your run XX

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Am in a non-running week at the moment too to let me get over sore shins, but getting proper shoes, especially for the longest runs really does help.

Enjoy tomorrow,just go slow and steady and you will notice a huge difference to your run.

Happy Running


I had some ankle pain in my old trainer which has completely gone since buying proper running shoes. They are a great investment.


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