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New Site Glitches - No "Create a Post" on Home Page

One for the technical team - if you click the Home link at the top of the site, the page refreshes with a News Feed.

There is no-where on this page to create a post other than clicking an existing post and then clicking create post when the page refreshes.

The Home link at the top of the site ought to take you to the same page, not just show the News Feed.

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I Agree.


RNW - Click on the Communities button and select Couch to 5K - that should take you to a page which has Create Post on it. Or you can go to Couch to 5k, select Posts from the green bar, that will take you to a list of posts and has a Create a Post button.


Suggest you copy this grievance onto one posted by Joel (one of the HU techie team) entitled 'Whats going on with this community?'. He posted a few hours after you. Am guessing he'll get feedback from there and may not bother about reading the many other posts placed by keen, but fed-up C25Kers.

Really hope this community gets settled again soon! Having to log on every visit when I haven't logged out is driving me nuts!

Cheers, Linda


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