Couch to 5K

Week 3 run 1- first attempt in this heat!

Well this was an interesting run.... Firstly, I had my worries about going up a level, as you do, and secondly, the only time I could get a babysitter was 11.30! In this heat?! What is the saying, "Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun!" That was me....

Anyway, was a lot easier than I anticipated and I was actually a little upset as it seemed much shorter. So, I take this run as a massive positive towards getting closer to my goal! Especially the time I went out as in the past I've turned down offers of babysitting as I thought the heat would stop me.

Looking forward to my next run! Happy jogging peeps!

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Well done for running in the heat - don't go and overdo it though, and keel over! Though I know people around the world do run in amazing temperatures and seem to cope ok. Ice in your hat is one idea - though whether it could overdo things and give you a headache, I've no idea!


Running in heat like this is not my idea of a good run - it wasn't nice! I think the main realisation was that I could - so, can't use it as an excuse! Mind you, it's not like I'm running, more like a very slow jog! ;)


I did a 5k Race for Life a couple of weeks ago, and it was pretty warm then - I dodged into any available bit of shade! And mine's a very slow jog too. Gets me there though. :)


Good on you for doing 5k Race for life! I'm excited myself for when I'm good enough to do one!

Slow and steady, slow and steady - that's my mantra! :)


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