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Does Health Unlocked have a bug list? Can I suggest we start a Bug report thread? if there isn't one already?

I don't know if there is a bug reporting feature with the new website. But it we can list the ones we find in a single thread it might help admin to squish em a bit quicker. :) Just put one bug per comment and then admin can reply to each individual bug as fixed or whatever.

So keep it short to the point and list your operating system and browser.

Something like....

#001 - clicking on 'messages' in the profile results in a perpetual loop of 'loading (this is taking a long time)'

OS: - Linux Mint 14

Browser :- Opera

What do you think?


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Hi Kev,

Thanks for your willingness to help. We're familiar with this bug and it will be sorted quite soon. You're welcome to send bugs straight to us if you'd like: Thanks for your patience as we iron these out.

Cheers mate,



Sorry Joel but this whole site refresh seems to have been handled very unprofessionally. No communication, incomplete testing & bug fixes in real time all equals lots of thoroughly hacked-off users. And I have to say that "Cheers mate" is deeply unprofessional and doesn't inspire any confidence at all.

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Whilst I whole heartedly agree with your first two sentences Ned, I think it is a bit harsh to call Joel 'deeply unprofessional' for a remark which is essentially meant as a thank you for trying to help rather than complain as I did with my first several posts :)

I know everyone is hacked off with the problems, but we can work together to sort it out, surely?

It would seem that bug reporting is best done to via email to the address posted above by Joel.

Hopefully the HU team will have all the website as they intended very shortly.

Kind regards,



Hi Kev,

This bug should be sorted. Please let me know if you continue to experience this kind of an issue.


my bugs:

no emails

shiny badge gone

old blogs gone

lack of engagement re changes

Good plan jelly, lets all put them on here


Is the site as bad to navigate on a laptop as it is on a mobile device? I can't seem to switch to a full/ desktop version :( it's driving me nuts on my mobile


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