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Am I now a runner?

After starting W4 I decided just to 'do my own thing' and listen to my body. Not because I didn't like it, but because I have a couple of verrucas on the ball of my right foot!

A few weeks later and I am now doing 5k each and every day (well, I have since last Sunday and it's now Friday) and I'm feeling fine. I may have to walk at times due to the quite steep uphill on the way out, but the final 3.2k is all run, and most of the uphill is run too.

Am I now a fully-fledged runner? Be honest and truthful; I can take it.

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Sounds pretty good to me! Especially in this warm weather (assuming you're in the UK - I think you are - vague idea of SW moorlands?) Good for you. :)


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