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My best run ever and all I see here is a complete mess :/

As I overslept this morning and thus couldn't go for a run before work I went out tonight later usual. The weather was completely different today and the heat seems to take a break so I tried to go for distance and not for time. As I'm getting bored by "my" park, I also tried a new route which I usually avoided because I have to stop at several traffic lights.

In my case the new things brought a (for me) good result: I ran for 48 minutes and 16 seconds and covered the distance of 7.06 km.

In this homepage's case I think new things aren't always the best... I hope they manage to make it less messy and more working because I don't like it the way it is now.

Happy running to everyone :)

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We are working tirelessly to improve everything, please rest assured.


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