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I have graduated - now what?

I graduated on Friday and would like to thank Laura and the NHS for this amazing programme that not only got me running three times a week but also got me interested in taking control of my eating habits, doing strength exercises (body weights) and yoga. I cannot believe I am the same person who a few months ago hated exercise and whose idea of healthy eating involved crisps and chocolate and would brag that I could drink anybody under the table! I would also like to thank everybody on this site who has kept me motivated, inspired and given me fantastic advice. Now, I need more advice. I attempted the stepping stones run today and I could not do it! It was too fast for me, instead of upping my pace as Laura kept on advising I had to take walking breaks instead and gave up after 12 minutes. Did anybody else find this a problem? Does anybody have any suggestions on how I can improve on my pace. My final W9R3 run was a 13.42 min/mile. Thank you again for your wonderful, inspiring posts.

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