Couch to 5K

Wk4/R2 was really hard

Really struggled today and had to push my self to carry on. Didn't have the same enthusiasm either. I don't know whether its because Wednesday isn't much of a recovery day due to my unavoidable 7 mile walk or whether the heat is sapping my energy or because I'm running early before breakfast???? Maybe an evening run on Thursdays may be worth trying. I'm doing everything Laura suggests and really want to complete this programme but at present I'm starting to doubt my capability. covered 3.6 K today

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Hi Mazzero,

Forget about the distance for now, that doesn't matter.

You just need to continue running, jogging, moving for the specified time. Once you've graduated you can look on improving your speed and distance, for now it is just to carry on going for the time state.

Keep going, you honestly can do it. Keep telling yourself 'just a bit more' until you've finished. You'll feel so good when you've completed it I promise!


Hello, Running Buddy. Surely it's alright to have to push oneself? That means you're forced to improve, right?

But if you have a 7-mile walk today as well, I honestly don't know HOW you completed the run. That's real stamina - well done. Colour me impressed.


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