Couch to 5K

WK6 D2 . .....didn't skip ahead, I was good + asthma?

Sooooo after my excitement of running 25min straight last week I thought about skipping a week. However I didn't and I was glad to go back to intervals temporarily, as in between I went on a short holiday, filled with food, booze, and uh, more booze.

Pleased with myself for getting right back to it, always a danger zone when you stop for a bit. Ran 10 mins (slooooowly), then ran 13mins, with a good sprint at the end.

On a side note, I may have asthma. Keep being short of breath and wheezing after running so went to the doc. She gave me an inhaler in case it was, though she doubted it since I only got it when running. When I came back today I was really struggling to breathe, so I took the inhaler. Almost instantly I felt better. Does this mean I have asthma, or would inhalers help anyone struggling to breathe? Don't worry, will go back to doc, just wondered if anyone knew the answer to this question.


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