Couch to 5K

Starting too fast and dying!!

I have been for a couple of runs in the last week and ended up having to walk for a couple of minutes to recover during them. I have found pacing difficult as I go off too fast so today I plugged Laura back in and hey presto! my pace was steady and I managed 5 k in about 33 minutes with the first two uphill. Hurray!

I have to get my runs organised. I like someone's post who said they were going back to week 1 and running fast and slow instead of jog and walk. How's everyone else doing after our week of lots of graduates?

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sounds just like me too - get that green graduate badge on and all of a sudden you can belt out super fast running from the get go .....

it's all about getting the right pace for the first half - then you can speed up - I think there is a technical running term for it but I can't remember!

.. .currently laid up because I thought I was super-human on one of my runs - ouch - clearly not!!


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