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After a year's break - I'm back doing C25K. And I WILL graduate this time!

I started the C25K plan last summer, and got great support & inspiration from this forum.

I was doing really well, and I got as far as completing Week 5 Run 3. The plan was to get that run out of the way, then continue while I was on holiday. I was on a lovely cruise holiday with my husband, kids & my elderly parents, and I planned to do the runs around the deck while I was away.

Well, that was fine for a few days - until I got injured, in the most stupid way. I was on the dance floor being taught ballroom dancing by my elderly mother (!) and I twisted my knee. It was really painful, and I could hardly walk, let alone run.

Somehow, when I got home I found I'd lost the motivation to run, and the knee injury took a long time to clear up.

Eventually, I took myself off to the physio, who sorted out my knee & recommended orthotics. He said if I wanted to start running again I would need to use the orthotics in a neutral running shoe.

I finally got the motivation to start the plan again this summer, and so far so good.

I now find myself almost back where I left it almost a year ago, having just completed Week 4 Run 2 this morning (despite the heat!). I go slow & steady, but there is no hint of any knee or other joint pain, so I think the orthotics are working for me.

So now I'm back I plan on keeping the blog going & using this forum for motivation again.

It's great to see lots of people on here who were doing C25K at the same time as me a year ago, and who are now sporting a fine graduate badge. You are now my inspiration to keep going this time!

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As someone else who is back for a second try, after also completing Week 5 Run 3 last year, I am sure we are both going to make it this time. Just don't have any more lessons with your mother!


Good luck librarie, hopefully we will both make it this time!


and I'm another one who started it least year and gave up injured.... Got back out there in April, and only went and did it.... Blooming well graduated with flying colours I can tell you.

So if I can then you both can too.....

Happy Running.


Thank you, I'm going to take this as my inspiration to get it done as well!


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