Couch to 5K

W5 R3! Managed it!

Hi everyone, managed to do W5 R3 - several weeks late but it felt fine. Not sure about the prompt at the end that says there will be many more long runs, and even longer ones to come. When you feel fit to drop! Very achey down left side of left thigh but that eased when I did some long stretches. Talk about beetroot face! Never felt as hot!

Yesterday I left it a bit late to catch my bus and ran 100 yards UPHILL to get to the bus stop - so that's an improvement! Also recovery is improving and I don't wish for more time. Wore shockabsorber sports bra for first time and neck and shoulders not aching this time. (The very devil to get fastened into though!)

Thought I would feel more excited than this.

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Oh well done you ! Think I would feel the same about the long runs,even longer runs comment too ( hoping here that I get to reach W5 ! ) ....maybe not what you want to be told just at that point ? Great that you are really noticing all the little improvements in fitness now, like your uphill bus chasing...onwards and upwards , CAN do this !!


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