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W8R2 - is it getting less interesting?

After struggling in W8R1 I succeasfully managed Run 2 this morning. Ran along the beach with the Pacific lapping at my feet (well, soaking my left foot ay one point when I stopped paying attention to the tide). I can't believe I've the discipline to run while on holiday. Who'd have thought it eight weeks ago? Also I'm starting to find the second half of these runs easier than the first half which seems a bit weird: at 10 mins I'm arguing with Laura that I've been running much longer than that; at 14 mins I feel like I've run for 40 but then it falls into place for a bit! I must confess though to feeling a little less satisfaction than I did in those early weeks and I'm worrying that I'll get to the end of week 9 and graduate and then lose my mojo. I need to find a podcast (not an app as I run with an ipod) to keep me motivated post-Laura. What works for others?

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I agree with this although my mojo seems to be disappearing before graduation! I was supposed to do W8R2 last night but have delayed it until tonight. For me its like so near yet so far and the warm weather isn't helping! I've given myself a good talking to and tonight is W8R2 and Friday is W8R3. I'm determined to get week 8 finsihed before the weekend. Then onto next week and the final countdown :)

Keep going and remember why you started this journey in the first place :)


I definitely find the first 5 or 10 minutes of a run the toughest and then it gets easier after that.

I'm not sure about mojo. I have been a bit of a slacker since graduation, only running once or twice a week. I need to get properly back into it I think. I was really keen to do the initial programme in 9 weeks and if ever I didn't fancy going out, or if I was struggling with a particular run, I found the pressure of keeping up with the programme kept me honest. Without it I've definitely been a bit more lazy and need to get back into it.

I'm going to give the Couch to 5k+ 'speed' podcast a go today. If I like it I might try and do a programme of 1 speed run, 1 stepping stones run, and one 'whatever I feel like doing' run a week.

Hope you're enjoying your holiday. It's definitely a bit cooler here than it has been, but hopefully good running weather!


It sounds like you have picked a great place to run.

I found week 8 a little less enjoyable but that may be related to the change in (hot) weather.

I've just graduated ;-) and the enthusiasm is definitely back.

Keep plugging away as you are so close to graduating and enjoy your holiday.


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