So 9 weeks ago i huffed and puffed my way through 60 seconds of running, tomorrow i am taking part in race for life!! I managed 2.5 miles in 28 mins in the last run of wk8 - w9 r1 tomorrow - I wont make 5k in 30 mins but i am still gonna attempt to run all of the 5k!!! Really nervous - kids will be at the finishing line waiting for me- i dont want them to see mummy fail!!Wish me luck :) xx

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  • All the very best - I do my first one next Saturday!!

  • Good luck with it! And remember, even if you do have to walk a little bit in this heat, it's *not* a fail! The fact that you're out there doing it means you're a winner. :D

  • Well i did it!! I did have to walk for a couple of mins as there was a really steep hill!! did it in 45 mins!! A bit on the slow side but will work on improving my time now :) x

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