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Hot and Hard work. Beach running!

Tonight we decided to run on the beach, on the sand. It started great but quickly became really heavy going. The sand was really soft in places and my feet were sinking in, very tiring!

We managed the 30 minutes but only covered 3.9K, however on a positive note I reckon it was great for the bum and thighs. Always a silver lining folks!

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Blimey, that is impressive! I run part of my route on a path next to the beach and there are a few bits which are under a thick layer of sand - I HATE running on them and find it impossibly hard work. I dread to even think what a proper beach run would be like, let alone for 4k! Well done!


Thankyou. I usually run on the path as well, it's flat but gravelly. The beach seemed a good idea with the dogs and my daughter ran barefoot, but I think it will be an occasional thing. When it's very hot and we can have a paddle afterwards.


Sand running I found was very hard on all my joints, have tried it with bare feet too. It's not something I would do a long distance of until more used to it. It jars knees and ankles when it sinks suddenly beneath your feet, cant resist the odd short run when I get the chance though. Enjoy but be cautious too.


Thank you for the advice, I am a little sore today and I think it will be an occasional treat with the dogs in hot weather.


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