Couch to 5K

W4 R1

3 minutes + 5 minutes + 3 minutes + 5 minutes. Yay, 16 minutes, who'da thunk?

Even though I was totally wimpy and had to ventolise after the first 5 minuter, and carefully picked a very flat route...

I'll try my normal route next time. I've been thinking about the psychological aspect of this. Particularly as an asthmatic, my impulse is to stop short and recover if I get even a teeny bit out of breath, just in case it quickly gets much worse. But once you go through the breathlessness and find you're still breathing, and go through the running and find you haven't collapsed in a heap on the ground clutching your legs and crying, not only do you feel wonderful but you realise you probably could have done more. Without dying. Which is very good for your confidence going into the second run.

Run2 on Thursday hopefully.

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Well done Brown Fox!!! I think we're doing really well and hopefully my second run will be Thursday too. Good Luck X


Hi Brown fox I too have asthma and I found it improved enormously over the course of the weeks and sometimes I don't remember to use my blue before I run and I'm fine. I only run v slowly though.


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