Couch to 5K

HOT run but I made it week 7 run 3

Sweating like anything at the end- must be a few ounces off surely! I made it- it felt ok running but the uphill at the end was touch but on reflection easier than a few days ago. I love the way C25k builds gentle progress. always feel pushed but manage it. The achilles twinge seems to have gone after the rest day. I realy feel the aches the next day!

oh well ready to start week 8 on thursday and I guess I should think ahead to when I get to week 9- feel I should kep the exercise up but maybe add zumba or cycling??? I need a regime that is 30 minutes or so so I can't see me wanting to do longer runs??? I reckon I had drunk 4 pints of water before I got to work today- 1 pint before run and 3 in the hour after (more exercise running to the loo!!)

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Well done for doing it! This weather is lovely for lounging in the garden but not much else!

I was reading Runner's World yesterday and apparently the best possible exercise you can get to supplement your running is Yoga? It encourages stretch and elasticity in the muscles you use and is great for your speed and endurance. It's also something a bit different, which is always nice! Swimming would perform the same functions if you don't fancy yoga.

Zumba is fun but I only do it in winter- I don't like being cooped up in a gym during the summer months. It's a nice way to get 60 mins cardio though!

Whatever you end up taking up, make sure you enjoy it. It was to be something you're going to stick with beyond the first couple of weeks- I have friends who literally flit from one activity to another, not giving any a chance to improve their health or fitness! And if you don't feel like taking up anything else, that's ok too! Three 30 minutes runs a week more than meets the government activity standards for adults so well done!


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