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W6R1 - my own question answered

On 'questions' I asked why the programme goes back to intervals after the 20min run in w5r3. I found out why this morning LOL. Laura warns us on the podcast not to go too fast. I guess that's exactly what I must have done cos I really struggled with the last 5 minute run today.

Maybe the 20mins makes us a little too confident and the risk is that moving straight on to long continuous runs would mean many more of us would not manage week 6, become despondent and possibly even drop out. By going back to the intervals it gives us a chance to learn the lesson not to go too fast without bruising our fledgling running confidence too much.

Anyway, w6r1 is done. Yoga class tomorrow then onwards and upwards to w6r2 on Thursday.

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Endurance and speed are different facets of running so its helpful to target them differently.

Most programmes for marathon and half marathon only have one long run a week and include interval type runs in between along with faster pace.

Only difference is they would be doing a running recovery not walking recovery as the different paces in their intervals. Doesn't make it better just more suited to their fitness and level of running experience.


Exactly. Couldn't of put it any better. Well done on getting through it. Your nearly there :-)


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