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Week two finished!

Hi fellow runners, yesterday I finished the last run of week two and I'm loving it! Never in a million years did I think that I would get so much out of running! (Actually, can't say I'm running yet, more like a jumping walk!) not only physically, but mentally. I'm already reaping the rewards of feeling proud of myself. I'm sure a lot of you feel the same way. So far I haven't had a bad run, and I know they happen but I'm determined to see this through till the end. So, starting week 3 tomorrow. Having to run at a much later time, I normally go out at 6.30am but have to go at 8pm which is making me slightly nervous - do any others feel like if they change their routine they might not do as well? I'm such a worrier but I'm trying to change and just go with the flow...:)

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One thing I've discovered is mindset really counts when it comes to running. Even when you have a bad run (and you will), remind yourself that it's a good thing because it makes the good ones even sweeter.

I'm glad you're enjoying, imagine how much more you can enjoy as you progress :)


Thanks Ryansson, I agree with you on the mindset thing! I really wish I could shut out all those negative voices! I find that the thought of being able to run for half an hour is actually do-able and I really can't wait to get there!


I found switching time of day did make a difference - the first time I started the programme (this is the second time for me) I used to run in the evening after dark and spend ages psyching myself up. In W8 I ran in the morning for the first time and couldn't finish the run. I thought maybe because I hadn't done the psyching thing but my daughter suggested it was to do with not having eaten yet. So I think there are various reasons why a run might unexpectedly be difficult.

Cheers and goodluck for W3


I just know I feel better running first thing in the morning, but ill give it a try and see what happens :)


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