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W9R1 Failure!!!

I have been a lurker on here up until now so hi! Well as you can tell from the title my run didnt go well at all. I chose the same rote as W8 which is all uphill for the first 12 mins or so. Don't know what went wrong, maybe it was the heat? I had to walk on 3/4 occasions, my breathing was all over the place and my legs like lead. I am really angry with myself because I know I can do this. I have decided to do tomorrows run first thing in the morning to see if that helps. Also, should I add another run to this week seeing as R1 was rubbish???

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Hi there and well done for getting to week 9! I'm only on week 6.

I guess the heat could well be to blame. I go first thing in the morning, out by 7am if I can and found it cool enough.

I think if it was me I'd repeat the run. I think the programme is based on successful completion of all the runs each week before progressing to the next week. But I guess it's up to you and how you feel if you manage the other 2 runs.

All the best.



Well done on getting through it even though it was tough as hell! It's so tempting to just throw in the towel if things aren't going your way so congratulations for gritting your teeth and sticking with it.

I've had a couple of really, really awful runs so I know how demoralising it is. You just can't get going, you never get into a rhythm, everything hurts and you feel like a failure. However, YOU'RE ON WEEK 9!!! That's amazing! Think how far you've come.

In terms of repeating runs- see how your next one goes. I don't think you have to complete every run first time and week 9 is slightly different in that you're not moving on to another week of the programme. I failed to run for 25 mins in W7 runs 1 & 2 but I'm still moving on to W8 because I ran for 31 minutes in R3 this morning! If you manage R2, graduate after R3.

Well done again! X


It's tough to keep going when it's so hot - and even going out at 7am it's still very warm, as i found the other day. Don't beat yourself up over it - you still got out there and ran, even if it didn't go to plan. Just think, a couple of months ago you'd have been delighted at what you've just done!

In terms of repeating the run, well, it's up to you! Personally I felt that I wanted to complete the 3 runs of any given week within 7 days before classing it as 'done' and moving on, but others haven't done it the same way and have still been successful. For week 9, I'd want to do 3 complete 30-minute runs to consider it finished, but again, it's a matter of choice and what you feel marks the accomplishment for you.

Good luck for tomorrow morning, and happy running! :)


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