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Boy that was warm tonight! Wk 9 R 1

Well graduation week is here and why does it have to be so hot. It's like doing exams at school, the weather always seems to conspire against you! 26 degrees at 8.30pm, I was very glad we took iced water with us, although most of it went over my head rather than down my throat.

We changed venues this evening and immediately regretted it. We started on the route of the Southampton Park Run and hadn't realised that it's not flat! We soon diverted off the route onto the grassed area of the common which was much flatter, although quite uneven under foot compared to our usual sports pitch route.

We had plenty of onlookers today, some of whom were very unfairly cooking hotdogs on disposable barbecues, the smell was lovely but very off putting! I had to keep thinking that they were busy putting on the pounds whilst I was busy pounding them off.

The 30 mins felt harder than the 37 mins that I did last week but I think it's a combination of the heat, the incline and the lack of running routine in the past couple of weeks. I started to give myself a hard time for struggling a bit but then realised how far I had come and gave myself a talking to, which seemed to work as by the time I finished with a bit of a sprint I was chuffed that I had made it to week 9.

I have no idea how far we ran tonight but as Laura says, it's about the time not the distance, and I definitely made that, despite the heat and the change of venue.

The one thing that I'm disappointed by is that there's not a week 9 run 3 podcast, I wanted Laura to give me a special congratulations on my last run, especially as I will have stuck with her for 27 half hour(and a bit) sessions by then, blimey, that's more 13.5 hours of running/walking, how far away from home would I be if I'd gone in a straight line!

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Week 9 run 1 for me too this evening and 8.00 pm start. Still fairly hot and harder than when I ran 30 minutes as a one-off during week 7. Perhaps its the weather but it seems to be a little less enjoyable in week 8 and 9 ?


I'm glad it's not just me then, rather a change in conditions from two weeks ago when I was running in the rain.


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