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Oooh yeah :) w9r3

Thanks for all your good luck messages yesterday, as planned, (well a bit earlier than planned) 5.30am I got up, dressed, big cuppa T and a banana and out I went.

I'm normally an evening runner so was surprised at how stiff I was this morning so had a really long warm up then off I went down a long tree lined road so although the sun was in the sky i was running in the shade and there was a lovely breeze. I was also surprised at how many people were out at that time, running, walking, taking the dog out...

Anyway I did it, I've finally completed week 9, nowhere near 5k in 30 minutes but that was never my aim, I only ever hoped to be able to run to catch the bus and I think I could do that now ;)

When I started I was determined to complete the programme in 9 weeks but as time went on and a bad chest infection, family commitments, and aching limbs got in the way I was so disappointed to be missing weeks, now I've completed it I realise that it really doesn't matter how long it takes, how fast I'm going or how far I can run, the thing is Im out and running and loving it which is more than I could do before I started, that w1r1 was a disaster!

So on wards and upwards with no plan now except to just enjoy running for now.

Thanks for all your support, happy running :)

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Well done and many congratulations upon graduating! :D

Don't worry about the 30 mins and 5ks not happening on the same run! They don't for many of us at this stage ... but I'm sure they will soon. Get that badge and flaunt it proudly for what you've achieved and for how far you've come! ;)

All good wishes for your post grad running adventures, cheers, Linda :)


Congratulations, you've got the right approach in just wanting to enjoy it. All the very best for your future running.


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