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"Blue Peter" Intervals

I'd just like to share this mornings session with you. After finishing C25K last week and having completed a couple more runs including another 5k where I struggled a bit I decided to change things round today and glue together the week 1 and week 2 podcasts but running at my target speed of 10km/hr. I'd seen this suggested elsewhere in the blogs so it seemed to make sense. In the last weeks of C25K I was running at 8km/hr which is still short of the current goal is still 5k in 30mins. By using week 1 until the end of the last run, then switching to week 2 I had a ready made interval programme of 14 intervals for 17minutes at my target speed. As this was driving the Heart rate up quite a bit the recovery in between was at fast walking pace and this included the 5 minute extended recovery between Week 1 and Week 2.

It seemed to work for me today judging by the sweat on the tee shirt. Has anyone else tried this approach?

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That's a good concept. Just goes to show how this plan can be tailored to suit each of us as individuals. Best wishes on your progress!


Thanks, I meant to add as well that while I was running at the higher speed I actually felt that I was really Running rather than Jogging, and it was a good feeling.


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