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not a great 5k time, my worst actually, but it really doesn't matter

A run in the sun...

what fab weather we are having, Hope everyone is out enjoying the sun :-)

Went out for my run this morning and was undecided about what to do, a 5k as quick as I could or an extra 5 minutes running (40 mins )

But as I set off, I knew straight away, my legs were going to be difficult, they just did not want to do as they were told, I said go faster they lurched and stumbled about and went slower. So a 40 minute run it was.

Which turns out to be how long it took me to run my 5k today, My worst time so far, but I'm not too worried it was warm and I am full of junk food and alcohol from the last (erm, 3 ? nights ? ok.... ok..... 4 nights of drinking and bbq's ) :-O I know its a terrible way to treat my poor body then expect it to run....

So I must try and be good as of next week ;-) eat healthy, limit my alcohol to one night a week, and really focus on my goal of doing the 'one big weekend' run in under 30 minutes in August, (yikes that's less than a month away now)

So my stats were:

40 min 18 seconds

5.03 km

average pace 8:01

Time to focus :-) Think I will push up the time, for the next couple of weeks in the hope that will make the 5k easier and therefore faster.

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Well done Bikergirl you enjoyed your run and thats what its about. You could try some HIIT to speed up, it worked well for me last summer. The other thing to help build strength and stamina is hill work, not loved by everyone but it really does help when doing the longer distances. Good luck for your race in August.


Well done you and great idea re the alcohol I'm not so good!! The main thing is to enjoy yourself !


Well done I went out early and boy was it warm. A run is a run.


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