Couch to 5K

Hot Sunday morning run - in my advance preparation for London marathon

...yes you read it right I have madly and foolishly entered myself into the London Marathon - and I have a confirmed charity place. More about that in a moment.

Went out at 7 30 this morning - for my 'long run' - sunday morning is my consolidation run of the previous weeks interval and stamina running. My plan is to extend by 10% each week. I am now up to 43 minutes. I am not fast approx one kilometre every 7 30 mins or so. but it feels like a sustainable speed. It was very hard - even at that time the heat was unbearable - more water next time - i also tried a berrocca from some else's bog - yuk.

So there we are my marathon training started - long way to go yet. I haven't really gone public yet - still absorbing the fact I have gone and signed up - I will be 50 next year and it felt like a suitable way to mark the occasion.

I have had advice from a few marathon runners - the main one being don't overtrain too early -Phew - just as well really. Whilst I would never have considered in my wildest dreams doing this - once i put my mind to something I am pretty determined.

so there we - just thought I would let you all know there this C25K has got me...

As for the rest of the day - alas I will miss the Murray final - as I will be at Powderham castle seeing Olly Murs with my son and his mate.

Happy Running everyone:-).

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Well done on your marathon entry, that's a goal to keep you training! Used to think I would love to do it, but then worked it one year when I was younger and seeing the state some people were in put me off... but who knows in the future if I shift the rest of my weight and keep running! :-)


Wow well done you hope ten training goes well. I can say without any hesitation Andy was brilliant, spectacular in fact, 3 straight sets but long hard rallies all the time, wonderful tennis.


London Marathon! I am seriously impressed.

I am about the same age and I can't ever imagine being able to run that far; but I would love to give it a try. I will keep running, see how it goes and then maybe, just maybe I will see you on the start line in 2015 dressed in my kilt as I raise money for Testicular Cancer awareness/Macmillan.


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