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Week 6 Run 3... DONE!!!!!!!!!!

So I've not blogged for a while, with one thing or another (work / house hunting / fed up-ness after the failure that was W6 R1) i've let the running slip.

But today I went out at 7am and did run 3... and I feel epic! So in total i did 5.1km in 42:06 mins including the warm up and cool down. I've ditched Laura completely (sorry Laura... you were helpful early on... but I like to sing to my music and I don't know your music), so am using a combination of a free android interval app, runtastic and Summer Workout Mix 2013.

And what a Gorgeous summer morning with the sun on my face and country air in my lungs and no one out on the roads.

My sticky point was about 19 mins as i passed my garden path... but i have a downhill stretch after that which spurred me on (as did the thought of a cup of tea).

So on to other hings I've done differently:

1) I've also rejoined my council gym and now swim twice a week and do a Pilates session - I let my Pilates teacher know that I'm in training for a half marathon and she makes sure that i get exercises which centre around my hips for flexibility. She also stated in one of the classes that runners tend to watch the floor in the early stages of running so this morning I made a conscious effort to watch the horizon had two-fold results... a) I felt running was easier because my posture (and hence breathing) was much better and b) gravel / tarmac is boring to look at - horizons are much more interesting. I'd definitely recommend Pilates to anyone anyway - just to stretch the muscles out. I really think the swimming and Pilates will help my running

2) I've not smoked this week... other than yesterday... as my grandad died and it was a stressful day with undertakers / paramedics and so on and I relapsed... but back on not smoking again now)

I truly loved my run today - really truly... i never ever thought when started I would say that - now for a well deserved bacon and poached egg sandwich... might even do a parkrun next Saturday

So whoop for a good run


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sorry to hear of your loss.

Well done on your run, pilates sounds like its really helping you, and you have a really helpful teacher. Well done not smoking too, im struggling so much with that, but really need to just pick a date and blooming well do it and stop hopping back and forward on the fence saying oh i'l just have one today etc etc Good on you getting back out there :-) enjoy that sandwich, sounds lurvley... (sneaks off to the kitchen, to make myself one) ;-)


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