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W4R2 That's better

Well that's more like it, managed to get a good rhythm going with my pace and breathing, so no tight legs or breathing problems today. I refrained from taking off like a galloping horse this time and kept a nice steady pace throughout the four runs. As for my breathing. I started breathing in and out on every 3rd step on my warm-up walk and carried it on with the rest of the walks and runs. End result was, I really enjoyed today’s run, it was a totally different experience than the first one this week and I’m looking forward to the next one.

Thanks for reading and happy running....

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That sounds like a really enjoyable session. Am off for my second run this morn and hope it's as fluid as yours. I actually find it difficult to concentrate on breathing in step with paces so tend to try keep steady breaths, listen to what my body needs in that moment and adjust accordingly.

Week 5 beckons wullie :)


Hi Ryansson your right it was really enjoyable. hope your second run went well.

keep going.


Sounds like a really good run! I try to totally relax my head, neck and shoulders during the warm up. I never mastered the 3 step breathing but I do concentrate on deep breathing - in through nose and out through mouth - I find it helps to focus on that and not the legs so much.

So much of this seems to be attitude of mind and if you can keep calm and relaxed you get a better rhythm for your run. Hope your runs continue to be as enjoyable!


I've been doing deep breaths during the warm ups and it certainly helps the lungs on the runs. Strongly agree with you on attitude of mind classic fm helps on the way to the park.


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