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Couch to 5K
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Going Very Well

I have just completed week 6 and have to say im really enjoying these podcasts, its really good now that im on 100% running and looking forward to it.

These podcasts have got me into running, i wouldn't say that I came off the couch as I was doing a lot of serous hillwalking before, something i really enjoy and I find that running really relates to this so great to do.

My Nike App currently says ive run 88.77km, with 18 runs 7.54km pace 899 avg Nike fuel, i was wondering how that compared to others, ive been finding the runs relatively easy, i seem to hate light jogging and my body seems to prefer to run but been sticking to the programme and haven't skipped anything yet.

Some issues with my asthma have been sorted and can manage that now, im getting some pain issues with my right calf but slowly getting better, ive been taking a hydration system with me but this can be a pain as ill need to pee half way round. I also need to do better at hills.

I ran in the rain the other day, this wasnt very pleasant, i dont want to skip a run just for the weather but need some advice, im also finding the 5 min warm up walk a pain in the cold so it would be good to have some alternative ways to warm up and do some indoor stretches for example.

I have already downloaded the graduate plan in anticipation but im going to need something to keep me going, im considering joining the local road runners and I have long term goals to take part in some competitions and have marathons in the back of my mind it.

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have you got any parkruns near you, they are for all abilities, timed 5k runs on a Saturday morning x


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