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Where to now?

I'm sure this question has been asked a million times before but after graduating 3 weeks ago and getting my 5k down to just under 30 mins I'm looking for a new challenge. I can't seem to run without coaching and although I love Laura I am thinking I have done the c25k & c25k+ podcasts to death. Am thinking of downloading the run faster with chrissi Wellington from audio fuel but am thinking it may be a bit hardcore for me and don't want to feel miserable if I can't keep up. Has anyone tried them or anything else they recommend for approx 30mins runs?

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Why not parkrun?


I have the slowest Chrissie Wellington Run Faster session, which I find pretty tough. I've tried it a few times and am getting closer to managing it, but it's designed to be hard. (See my first impression at ).

I also have Martin Yelling, 3 Step Intervals, which is more manageable.


I started on the "Sub 65 min 10k" plan from Runkeeper about a week back.


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