Couch to 5K

Anyone else have to run on hills ?

Well here I am at Week 7 Run 1, still in shock that I've got this far - and that it's going quite so well.

"48 and overweight," would have been my description 6 weeks ago, but not anymore. Thanks to Couch to 5k, my life has completely changed. As an example - I now reach for my Nike Free 4.0's before I reach for a beer in the evening ! My hypertension has faded away, to the extent that I might be able to come off the pills. Even the beer belly is going, although that's a bit slower.

Running with my lovely other half (who had the idea in the first place) helps enormously, although we rarely run together these days. I have times and distance on my mind, she's very happy to go at her own pace. And I've only ever actually listened to Laura once, although I think that's my loss ;-)

Anyhoo, we live at the highest point of a Wealden ridge in East Sussex, over 500' up - quite high for South East England. That means that every running route starts with a lovely downhill and ends with a killer uphill. Trust me, I've spent hours on mapmyrun trying to change the laws of geography, but other than driving somewhere, a flat run simply isn't going to happen.

There are positives of course : my first 1.5k today was knocked off in 8 minutes, and I'm sure I'm stronger as a result (we always run the killer hill at the end). My first flat run will seem like a dream !

So, my question - does anyone else do couch to 5k on significant hills, or are we the only ones ?


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Wow, that is high! Our hill on the golf course is about half that, if I'm getting my conversions right! We start at the bottom though and there's a field at the bottom which is flat so we used this until graduation, round and round and round!


Plinth - to be fair, our height loss isn't all of that 500', probably only about 200' of it.

So you start at the bottom, head up the hill and then end running down it ? I suppose you get all the horrors out of the way in the first 20 minutes that way ! Have you ever tried a flat 5k to compare ?



I live on the side of a valley, so there's uphill to get out of the valley, then more uphill to get back home (live in a cul-de-sac, at the top end). But compared with your 200' hill ours are tiny. Though I had a nasty 100' climb over 500m today (whoops, sorry, mixing imperial and metric) about halfway through the run (just after dropping a similar amount on the other side of the valley) and I must admit I walked that section (the 75' climb over 1k towards the end of the run was runable though).


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