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Week 5 run 3 - 20 minutes - done!


Very tough but got there and boy does it feel good. I've been really worried that this would be the one to beat me but I did it! I'm glad I went out early though - 7ish. And had a lovely bacon sarnie for breakfast afterwards - well I think I earned it. 2 days off then on to week 6.

Good luck to everyone else facing the big one - it really is possible! As Laura says: trust the programme and believe in yourself.

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Well done u , it feels great doesnt it! am on week 5 and did 10 mins this morning, I never thought I would manage that but I did, 20 mins here I come!!!!


Well done :) I never though I'd manage 20min on Thursday but now even 30 min seems possible. We can almost smell it lol.

Onwards and upwards, keep us posted,


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