Couch to 5K

Yeah...I did the 2nd Park Run today with a Cold and having Periods!

So today when I got up, my cold was still there and was not feeling the best. I was to go for the run anyway with the help and encouragement from everyone here, thank you very much, I am very grateful for all the support given. This was going to be my last proper run with people before the RfL next Sunday.

I used to do some stretching exercises before going for a run and read somewhere that it is not very good to do BEFORE the run but AFTER, so I stopped doing it. I had stiches twice over the last week, one when I did the Park Run for the first time last Saturday. I have never had them when I used to do stretching before the run so today I thought, whatever it is worth I would do some stretching and I did not have any stich at all. I don't know whether it is due to the stretching exercise that I did before the run or what, but I sure did not drink a lot of water today fearing that I might want the toilet along the way!

I had my cold but I think it is 'over the neck' as my cough was not all that bad. It's my second day of periods and it did not bother me at all too- (I usually have bad pains-abdomen, back, headache!!). It was quite a hot day even at 9am in the morning. My start was really good and I managed to listen to the music in my MP3 and run in my own pace unlike last time, without getting distracted by over takers! I was a bit tired than usual so I had to stop twice and walk a bit, not more than a minute or two, and ran again. Then I ran the 5.2K today in 32 minutes 50 Seconds (my Garmin says-not the official Park Run result) which was ok, I am happy.

Thanks again to everyone who gave me advice on running with a cold.

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Your symptoms resemble mine and there's NO way I could get out of bed let alone run - my hat goes off to you, well done impressive time too :)


Thank you Miso_14, it was HARD to get out of bed and go for the run, believe me, but since this was the last proper run with people that I would run before RfL, I knew this is IT or else.., so there I went.


Impressive time and with a cold too! Good luck with your rfl run next week.


Thank you vercam..


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