Couch to 5K

New PB for 5K.... Just enjoy running and who knows what might happen

Having said to people that trying to achieve 5K in 30 minutes is something they should not worry about and to enjoy being out running to just remember how much fitter you feel and better generally since starting the C25K program. My best 5K was 32 min 46 sec set in January this year and I could never beat it as I always seemed to be averaging 34 min so I never really set out to try and beat my record.

Today I almost did not do my normal third run of the week as my left calf has been aching all week but it was a lovely morning so I decided to go for my run, I chose one of my normal 3 routes but ran it the opposite way to normal i.e. running the last leg first, its two circular routes around the streets with a long straight run joining the two circles, with my trusty Garmin on my wrist I kept checking and thought I was doing pretty good, keeping to a good pace and not slowing down as I normally do.

I had to upload the data when I got home to check the results and I ran 5K in 31 min 23 sec so knocking an incredible 1 min 23 sec off my best time so far. One tip make sure you do not complete the 5K whilst passing under a motorway bridge that crosses the main road you are running on it plays havoc with the Garmin I entered at 4.99 K at 31 min 18 sec and then the next reading was 5.04K as I came out the other side, however once uploaded to the Garmin site it worked out the 1 K splits.

So don’t worry about hitting any particular target just enjoy running as I did this morning and if you improve your time it’s a bonus that adds to the well feeling you have of going for a run. To use Oldgirl's mantra “Live to run... run to Live”

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Totally agree. My fastest runs have always been when I have not been focussing on split times and just enjoying the run, or at least distracted and not thinknig about speed! ;)


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