Couch to 5K

W6T3 I done it!!!

I am so pleased. Just completed week six run 3 of 25 minutes. It was ok, found it easier than the previous 2 runs. The last 5 minutes were a little tough with my breathing and legs were tired. I was coming to the end and a car was blocking the pathway and I was praying for it to move as I did not think I had the energy to go around it, straight ahead was the only way my legs could manage! Managed 3.30km averaging 4.9mph.

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Hey well done. Running straight through from now on so sounds good that you found it easier than the start stop stuff. Good luck with week 7.


Congratulations!! I am doing week 6 run 2 over and over again because in the second run I feel I am not gonna make it, I feel literally exhausted.. I will work on this R2 a little more :)


I found run 1 & 2 off week 6 more exhausting than the 3rd run so don't worry too much if run 2 is hard work. Obviously do the run when you feel ready, but maybe you should give it a go as you may surprise yourself :-)


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