Couch to 5K

Heat AND a hill today! Phew!

This morning I succumbed to not waking until late. My husband went off for the day and didn't waken me so it was 11 before I got up. I like running in the cool of the morning and felt I wouldn't bother today. Stood outside in dressing gown for a minute and decided that the overcast day was cool enough to try W4R3. Forgot to take water with me.

I saw a proper runner take a path near home which I didn't know so decided to see where it would lead. Slight disappointment when I realised it was a circular path around a field of long grass so cut off on a lane back towards home. Oh Oh! What's that? - a Hill! Managed to keep going - it was not a steep one - but now realise how hard it must be for some of you. The sun came out and I began to boil so gave myself permission to walk the last 50 yards of the last run (because of the hill). Off for a glorious shower now - never looked as red as this before! Don't forget the water next time! Still, I did it - eventually! Roll on W5R1 on Friday

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Hi Linda, how you doing? I too was left asleep by early rising hubby - bliss, no need to stir stumps till around 11 too ... such decadence LOL :D

Had planned early run but it just didn't happen - think I may go out soon - it's getting cooler and the light is still clear. Will do one of my hills - it spooked me all the way through the programme - finally attempted it after graduation. I followed Greenlegs advice about going slowly and steadily and decreased my pace length ... That way you hardly notice the incline at all. Well done you for exorcising your hill spook during week 4!

Keep at it, good to see you making progress - with or without water, and BTW a little walk never hurt anyone ;)

All the best for week 5, Cheers Linda x :)


Oh - I spy my name! :) It does work though, doesn't it! Hills are still hills, but they are conquerable, taken in tiny bites.

Well done Beek, for having a bash at a hill! Personally, I'd rather have a hill than hot sun.


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