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W3 R2

yay, done, whew, felt better than the first run of week 3 in that by the end of the first walking 90 seconds I had gotten my breath back this time! Then the first 3 minute run got me up the first hill and halfway up the second wow - longer strides obviously - running feels better too looking forward to Friday's run, at least I will be able to do that earlier in the day, dinner time is definitely not my time to run! Good luck to everyone out there running this week, keep it up guys :-)

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I'm doing week 3 run 3 this evening. I also found the second session better than the first run of Week 3. I wonder why this is?

I honestly didn't think I could do any of Week 3 but here I am on the final session.

Good luck for Friday!


Well done and Good luck with your last run of the week. :-)


Running up hills eh? Now there's proper.

Good luck for the last one.


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