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Starting the sharing - week three

I've only just found this site - and have been binge reading all the wonderful, funny and inspiring blogs. What a great resource! And so cool to read people who have found it tough who are now flying around running 5K without a worry! I cannot wait to be at that point :)

As the title suggests I'm in week 3 now - have done two runs so far and my next one is tomorrow. I can't believe I'm really looking forward to it too! I'm in Australia - so it's well and truly the middle of winter and only about 6 degrees at 6am - but I'll be up and out there with Laura egging me on - me trying not to let anyone standing on the other side if a hedge notice that I'm actually running... My slow pace would probably fix that!

I've signed up for a charity 5K run on sept 1st - so its all heading to getting that done... Will check in after tomorrow's freezing morning run. Yikes!

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Just finished week 3 today. Keep going Slawr am sure that charity run finish line will be worth it. Not got anything booked myself, but what a great motivation :)


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