Pain in both legs during the run and the day after

I have been struggling since wk one with pain on the inside of my lower legs, I looked this up and it seems to be shinsplints. I found exercises on youtube for shinsplints that have been helping me over the past few weeks, but I ran wk 3 r 2 today it was very painful during the run, I carried on until the end, when i finished my run the pain was very bad and my legs were swollen and it felt like a pocket of fluid at the back of my ankles. I did my exercises and took anti inflammatory tablets an hour later I had no pain. I haven't had pain since but going by past experiences my legs will be very sore tomorrow. A few times I have had to postpone my run a day or two to help recover but it doesn't seem to help. I don't know if i should work through the pain or rest i really don't want to give up running.

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  • Personally I wouldn't run on extremely sore legs.

    Have u got decent trainers? Had gait analysed?

    If u over pronate it might be worth lookin at some insoles too.

    Ice your shins after a run and get some heat gel or similar and massage your shins. Get the blood flowing there to aid recovery

  • Thank you tiger79 I've been looking for insoles for my trainers which I bought after wk one. Will try the ice & heat gel that sounds like good advice. I have no pain today and am looking forward to my run tomorrow.

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