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Week 2, run 3

I'm getting better at this running thing. Another whole family event and the son's new shoes seem to be working for the child's strange run (I suspect me shouting "heal to toe" at him also helps). When we went to the shop to buy them the assistant, who must be all of 18, told me he was writing a book about his life - I remember being that optimistic.

It was an evening run, but husband didn't get home on time, so child and I started without him because it was only an hour before child's bedtime. This time we went to the local cemetery to run, it's rather old and has the ruins of an old abbey in it which is rather beautiful, unfortunately it is also on a hill, but the top bit isn't, though it's small. We ran/walked round the top 12 times and other people walking their dogs must have thought we were mad as we kept running past them, with me shouting instruction, "heal to toe, run for 60 seconds, we're nearly there, keep going, you're doing really well, no - leave the birds egg" etc. (I have the ipod).

Husband joined us 10 mins into the whole thing, but frankly if you could see our family your would think 20 mins is better than nothing (all of us, except the dog, are overweight). My son seems to be getting into the whole thing, his goal is to lose his man boobs, but I can't make him understand that I don't want to lose mine, I think he thinks I have them because I am fat and not because I am a woman - I may have to explain the whole girls are different from boys thing soon.

Dog didn't bite me, which was nice and my son managed all the runs - bar the last one which he gave up half way through on. I did it all and am loving it.

Oh and we did go back for the birds egg, it was tiny and blue and has little freckles on it and was on the ground and cold. Tomorrow we will try to identify it. This whole thing is opening up my life. :-)

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That really made me laugh - that's what this running programme should be about - having fun. Great stuff. I look forward to your next blog.


what a brilliant blog! I giggled the way you said that the dog didn't bite you (does he usually, lol?) and the 'running' commentary relaying info to your companions from the iPod while you ran madly around the cemetrery had me chuckling too. It (the cemetery) sounds a beautiful place.

where I run, I sometimes see hares, always sheep - "Morning, ladies!" - and various birds and flowers. It's magic, isn't it? I haven't run for 8 days because of a combination of weird shifts at work, busy-busy with family visits, foul weather etc etc but I am DETERMINED to run today.

good luck with your C25k, let us hear how you go on!


I love that you're running as a family, including the dog! I think your egg might be blackbird by the way.


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