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My first 'post graduation' run!

It seems strange not including a week and run number in the post title :) .

After my ParkRun graduation debut run on Saturday I thought I would go back to the hilly trails of the nearby woods and go for a longer distance at a more sensible pace. I ran with the missus which is handy because she keeps me from pelting off like an excited puppy and tiring myself out too early!

We did just over 6K in 40 mins, and I can honestly say that it is the first time I have felt relatively comfortable all the way round (with the exception of one huge hill) :)

I really enjoyed it! I hope every run feels like that! lol.


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Congratulations Kev. (Now where's your nice green badge?!) I'm really enjoying my first few post-grad runs as well, it somehow seems more relaxing now.

Your woodland route sounds lovely as well. Hope they are all as enjoyable as this one was



Sounds like a great run... Well done and keep running!!


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