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My second run on my new route, and I did a much better pace and finished a good couple of hundred yards further than on run 1 of week 8, my ultimate goal is to still be running when I get back to my front door!

Further good news is that I have now lost a whole stone, and I can't believe a 13 st 6.5 woman can actually run for 28 mins! But I can, I don't want to hit 42 in January and still be a bit fat tub of lard at 14st 6.5 as I was, so at least now that wont happen, I just have to keep going and keep on with the exercise and weight loss :)

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That's great Susie! Congratulations on your weight loss as well, you must be feeling so good. I am still (by your measure) a big fat tub of lard with a long way to go before I get passed that point, but I'm five stones down from the beginning of the year and feeling good. Thanks for blogging and inspiring me, it's the posts from people just ahead of me in the programme that I enjoy the most. And well done again for all your amazing achievements!


5 st is amazing, I've noticed runing is making my belly flatter, well done you and keep it up!


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