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The breakfast room is watching me!

First: Advice needed:

As very often in the last runs it took me literally hours to get out off the door. Somehow I lost my motivation after graduation and I really delay my runs until the last possible minute. I absolutely don't want to lose my new fitness so I always go out for a run and haven't missed a single run until now but instead of going out at 8.30 a.m. as before I leave at 12 a.m. (without having done anything that justifies this delay). I often read that many of you just jump out of the bed and off you go, so do you have any advice how I can fight this procrastination? I really don't like it as, with the knowledge that I should go for a run, I don't use the extra time at home efficiently. How do you get motivated?

I also go out in the evenings (according to my schedule on certain days) but it's the same in the evenings...

Second: I'm a study subject...

... to all interested hotel guests who are having breakfast, a piece of cake or dinner. I run in a park with several lakes and a deer park/ petting zoo (I don't run inside this part of the park as I'm sure the goats, sheep, deers and especially the Highland cattle wouldn't like it and show me their irritation ;) ). Next to the largest lake is a hotel with a breakfast room (and a terrace) on the lake side which means that I have to run past this area of the hotel when I'm running around the lake. In the beginning of my C25K training I used to do several laps around the lake so I gave the hotel guests the opportunity to study the different stages of developing a beetroot face... As the breakfast room is completely vitrified so I couldn't only see my glowing appearance in the mirroring windows but also the hotel guests having breakfast and watching me and making comments to each other...

I changed my route with the longer runs but still pass this breakfast room on every run. Well, don't care too much and usually think: Ok, while you're having breakfast with croissants and jam, I'm doing something for me and my fitness! (and will have breakfast/ dinner) as soon as I come out of the shower after the run ;) )

Do you also have some passages of your route that are a bit strange to pass by? Or more public than others as it is in my case?

Happy running :)

PS: During the run today I felt it was a very bad one and I didn't expect to cover more than 4.2km in 30 minutes (which is bad for me). When I got home, I mapped my run in mapometer and found out that I had covered 4.7km (a normal distance for me) :)

Don't give up on a run if you feel it's bad, it still can be a good one!

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Had the same experience yesterday - feeling extremely tired at end of a long day and not sure if I should leave it for another day.

Decided to stick to the schedule, quick change, banana and water then off out running and listening to Laura (hey that rhymes). Felt much more energised afterwards.

Procrastination is sometimes a sign you are bored so why not try a different route or music, or ask one of the nosey hotel guests to join you ?

Good luck anyway.


I stopped being hard on myself about a month or so after graduation ... I have come to realise I am not a natural born runner and it is not a great passion of mine, so I have to push myself out of the door!

However I have now started to take ownership of my running... I play my music, I don't run circuits around the park before moving onto the streets and past the local shops and take away (my equivalent of your hotel) and I have my watch that tracks my run. I don't run at present at 30 minutes so in reality do max 3k in a run ... but I accept that is fine and better than 6 months ago ... and I am happy thus more likely to continue long term.

So keep on getting out there ... and remember if the Lake ever floods into the hotel you will be able to run faster than the guests in there to get away!!!!


It feels good to know that I'm not the only one who sometimes lacks the motivation to go out. I think I should try to get up and get out before I can even start to think about procrastinating.

I live in a big city so I'd have to cross a lots of traffic lights (which means stopping every 200m) if I don't run in "my" park. But I'll give my own music another go and try to vary my route in the park as much as possible.

I like the idea to ask the hotel guests to join me, I should definitely try that :D

amsjo: You made me laugh so hard! It's an artificial lake where the swans and ducks are living happily ever after and nothing is ever happening so a flood would be nice for a change ;)


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