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Silky Steve - wherefore art thou??

So it was ny first audiofuel podcast; Grade School 2:Passing Grade. 30 mins of 150-170bpm.

I was expecting it to be like Laura, with tips or times. Nope. The music started and away we went......then the podcast finished. Hum.

I will say this - it was surprisingly relaxing :-) Good pace for me and the beat was so clear I couldn't do anything but run to the beat. I hold the podcast responsible for me finally beating the route that so far has always been just a little too much.

Now to find a 40 minute podcast at about the same speed - I'm not ready for the skyline one at over 50 mins just yet!

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Hooray!! Where was silky Steve, he says stuff to me?? The beats really help don't they?? Didn't the sexy bond woman tell you how long ( ie 10 mintes complete) etc?? Well done you!!


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