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Wk3/R1 - I DID IT!!!!!

After all that fretting, everything went well and it's now done and dusted. My husband did it too and that was really helpful having a running buddy. I can't believe I actually fed back Laura's tips during the 3 minute run section (OK gasped them out - long hedges, bobbing heads etc). Doing fewer runs for longer feels better I think. I hope all you bloggers are well and still running Good luck

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I did Run 2 of week 3 yesterday and I too didn't think I could do it.

I was going to keep doing Week 2 for another week but after reading all the other bloggers and Laura's advice of trusting the programme I thought I would give it a go - I'm so slow, what's the worst that could happen?

Yes, it was harder than before but I did it. I also agree that running a bit longer with fewer runs seems a little better - maybe it's a mental thing?

Anyhow this does seem to work. Yay, to both of us!


Well done. l was going to keep doing week 2 forever but glad I stepped up a level. My runs are slow also but that's OK The programme does seem to be working. I'm not looking ahead now just taking each run as it comes


Keep going guys! It'll get easier (in some ways) and harder (in others!) but you'll definitely see an improvement in your fitness over the next couple of weeks. Good luck!


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