Couch to 5K

W7R1 - Building stamina and endurance takes time

The weather was absolutely perfect today, 22 degrees, sunny with blue skies. I started on my walk and went a new direction this time to get out of my funk. The first few minutes it went splendidly, barely any pain, I was just running on and on and on.

On my way back though I started flagging considerably, and when I hit the 5 minutes to go mark I was slowing down and slowing down. When I came to myself I noticed I was practically running on the spot. There was a slight uphill slope and I gave up all semblance of running and walked for maybe half a minute, but then Laura said 1min to go and I went into a very, very slow jog for the last stretch.

I passed a guy with his dog and he gave me an extremely pitying look, but when I finished I DIDN'T care at all. I was DEAD, but damn it, I did it (well mostly).

I think I feel better when it's a challenge? I did try to go faster this time around. I had an average of 6,5min/km for the first three kilometers and then slowed down. I made 4,44km (incl. warm up and cool down) in 36min. That's not bad.

If I can keep my pace until the end, I should be able to manage 5k by the end of this!

BTW, the music is really a let down this week. I'll make my own remix, but will try to keep Laura in it.

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Nice post and well done for sticking at it. I know what you mean about a sense of achievement when it's a struggle, with or without the C25K playlist.

Good luck for the rest of week 7 and beyond.


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