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Jogging up and down Snowdon!!!! Well, at least part of it!

As I said in my last blog I didn't get to do my last run of week 8 at the weekend as I was driving a team on the three peaks challenge. But I did manage to make the ascent of Snowdon at the end of the trip. I found the walking quite easy which can only be as a result of C25K as I would have struggled a few weeks ago. In fact I even jogged up some of the boulder step sections and then jogged down the last km to the village, I was amazed.

Legs are suffering today but getting better by the hour and hope to get out for the next run tomorrow evening, this time on the flat!

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Do you realise what that makes you? You are a Trail Runner ~ a Hill Runner ~ a Fell Runner, and I am so impressed. I'm always impressed by runners, but these guys (and that includes you) are in a different league.

I've done Snowdon (Pyg track - walking) and I know what she can be like, and to run on her majestic slopes must be a memorable experience indeed.


That's very kind of you but I'm really not, I only jogged up some of it and I was simply amazed that the walking felt so easy an that I voluntarily jogged some of it.


Please don't underestimate yourself. As far as I'm concerned, if you run on hills/mountains, you ARE a hill runner.

BTW, my pic was taken by the missus on Snowdon.


Wow that's amazing! Walking up there a couple of years ago nearly killed me! Have to confess I'm hoping all this running will make walking up mountains easier.


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