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Feels like I'm going backwards!

With only 3 weeks to go until the National Lottery Anniversary Run I've been trying to get back into the routine of regular running. I've been using Audiofuel to help me keep to a pace and it has really helped me to keep going and have less walking breaks, but ....... it seems that with each run I'm going even slower. :-(. When I applied I put my estimated time as 58 minutes for the 5 miles. Did it in 67 minutes today. I know it has been really hot and I haven't been sleeping well lately, but I thought I would be improving each time, not getting worse.

I suppose at least I'll have plenty time to enjoy the experience!

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Hi! I felt a bit like that last night when my 8k run fell apart after 5.5k... putting it down to tiredness and the Parkrun on Saturday, where I was happy & surprised to get a pb.

I felt like I was going slower every run doing the B210K; have found extending the length of my runs ok, but they have almost all been slow and easy runs so far & I have been plodding along. This plan is long though and will not finish until September; last night was the first one trying to keep a faster pace so was disappointed when I had to walk some! Oh well, there's a bit of time yet! :-)

Hope to run all the way on the 21st, and not worry about the time too much; but then I'd like to do it in about 65 minutes, lol! :-)

Keep training, I'm sure you'll be fine on the day! :-)


Yes, I suppose I shouldn't get too hung up on times. It will be great just to be there. I usually manage faster times when I do have a couple of walking breaks but I would like to run the whole way.

Good luck with your training too and I'll maybe see you on the day.


Hello both of you - I have been thinking of asking advice around this as I feel I am going backwards too and sort of wish I hadn't gone back to intervals with B210k. Have stopped it again now but still haven't got back to 5 miles for few weeks. I think I may just be panicking about doing the run as it not something I would ever dreamed of having the opportunity or ability to do. Haven't done an organised run at all yet. I did just put down the slowest time as hadn't run that far so have the potential to walk but would really like to run it all - and now there's thought of a heatwave. Still so excited by it tho', I'm sure we'll have a great time.


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