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Cracked 5k-just not as quick as I thought-but mojo has returned

Up with the sparrows this morning-I have not ever properly timed 5k. After reading all the various posts thought I ought to give it a go. Wanted to go early as i dont do well in the heat.Set out from home in sun and drove to my fav flat route by the coast-where it was foggy and a bit drizzly-only five miles away from home!

Anyway did the run-and it was by far the easiest yet-I guess the speed, stepping stones and stamina podcasts are paying off. My speed was a steady 7.5k-so I was never in with a chance of 30 mins. But I came in at 39 mins. Which felt ok -clearly I can aim to bring this down-but the speed felt very doable and sustainable.

My plan is to carry on with speed and stamina and then on my Sunday run extend by 10% each week. With the aim of 10k by end of July. This is there and back on the coast route and would feel a very satisfactory outcome. Couldn't see it happening before but it really does feel acheivable now.

Mojo returned with no real effort on my part-happy running

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That's brilliant. 10k by end of July wow....can't ever imagine going that far. Keep up the great work. I run by the sea too- fantastic no hills!


Woo hoo! We've all had a good weekend, havnt we? I'm not sure weather to increase distance or work in pace now. Maybe a combination!


Well done! And a great goal to aim for too - very achieveable, if you keep going as you are. The speed will increase, I'm sure - all the best with it :)


Pleased for you your Mojo has returned! Good luck with your plans! You'll do it!


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