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Parkrun 6 @ Chelmsford

Looked like a nice day as I set out to my 6th (I think) Parkrun; after slipping down 4 or 5 stairs first thing, pulling my left shoulder as I saved myself from tumbling all the way down, I thought things can't get worse!

I was walking to the Parkrun as daughter had borrowed my car for work, I got into the first part of the park and the start was right there, not about 2km further on as usual. We had had a late a course change, due to other events in the town centre part of the park, so had to wait around for quite a while. We set off late to let people arrive who had gone to the normal start; I'd drunk two big glasses of water before leaving home but thought there was no loo so was feeling it a bit by the start, then we ran past one about 500m in, I'd have found it if I'd wandered round while I was waiting for the delayed start! Oh well, I must have sweated it off as forgot about the loo at the end, even though I waited and clapped the last runners in before walking home! :-)

I left my water bottle filled with lovely cold water on the kitchen side, so I coughed and spluttered my way round breathing like a steam train as always, especially after swallowing a fly, a free bit of protein I suppose!

My legs felt fine, none of the usual twinges from my left knee, new trainers felt great, I managed to pass a few people, and other than slowing to put my baseball cap into my handy rear zipped pocket on my cycling top (too hot), and grabbing tissues a few times (usual hayfever runny nose, even after taking a tablet) I ran all the way. :-)

Think I have a pb coming as I finished when still on the Stamina podcast, not the warm down walk, so fingers crossed! I will post the time when published; but seems the B210K is not making me as slow as I thought! :-)

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PB achieved, 34mins 21 seconds. 2 minutes 18 seconds off my 5km time! Yay! :-)


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